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5/24 H1: Dodgers head to Cincy and New York; Challenge system in MLB? Haiku

5/24 H3: Vinny Bonsignore; Caitlyn Clark and Fever 0-5; Haiku

Vinny Bonsignore talks potential 18-game NFL schedule, Tom Brady's conflict of interest, Matthew Stafford's contract and more. Charles Barkley and Lebron have come to the defense of Caitlyn Clark. Haiku

5/23 H2: Jim Hiller; CP3 to the Lakers? Pete Sickle?

New Kings head coach, Jim Hiller joins the show. Could Chris Paul join the Lakers this offseason? The co-founder of Rugy Football Club Los Angeles joins us

5/23 H1: Dodgers lose 2 of 3 to ARZ; Dylan Hernandez

The Dodger offense continues to struggle as they lost 2 of their 3 games against the D-Backs. Is it cause for concern or just part of the ebbs and flows of the MLB season? Dylan Hernandez from the LA Times talks Dodger struggles, the Lakers' offseason and Matthew Stafford's contract situation with the Rams.

5/22 H3: Haiku; David Vassegh; Shaq vs Draymond

Vic the Brick haiku. David Vassegh dukes it out with Ben Maller. Shaq and Draymond Green debate about how todays Warriors would defend Shaq and the 2000's Lakers

5/22 H2: Dan Woike; Stafford wants more $$? Jim Hiller retained by Kings

Dan Woike joins us to talk about Lebron's influence (or lack therof) in Laker-land, and give his thoughts on what the Clippers may do this offseason. Matthew Stafford wants a new contract from the Rams - should they give it to him? Jim Hiller has been hired as the full time head coach of the LA Kings.

5/22 H1: Ohtani balls out but Dodgers lose to ARZ; Lebron has less juice in Lakers org? Parity in the NBA

Ohtani provided most of the offense for the Dodgers in a 7-3 loss to the D-Backs last night. Has Lebron James lost some juice with the Lakers' front office in terms of roster decisions? There will be a new NBA champion for the 6th straight season - is this parity good for the league?

5/21 H3: Haiku; More on the Dodgers; Mascot talk

Vic the Brick haiku. We get more into the Dodgers as they get set to face Arizona again tonight. A Bluey themed promotion at a hot dog spot went terribly wrong and it got Fred and Jonas Knox into talking about mascots

5/21 H2: Jovan Buha; Lakers calls

Jovan Buha of The Athletic broke the news about the Lakers' coaching interviews and joins us on the show today. We take your calls on if JJ Redick should be the Lakers' next head coach

5/21 H1: Freddie Freeman Grand Slam in Dodgers' win; JJ Redick the frontrunner for Lakers gig?

Freddie Freeman hits grand slam as the Dodgers beat the D-Backs as Fred continues to ponder if Freeman is happy. Lebron wants no say in Lakers' hire? Is JJ Redick the frontrunner for the gig?