Roggin & Rodney

Roggin & Rodney

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12/2 H3: Baseball HOF talk; Is Pac-12 title game a must win for USC? Christian Pulisic will play tomorrow

12/2 H2: Dan Woike talks Laker trade scenarios and Lebron vs. media; Want to hunt for vermin?

Dan Woike from the LA Times joins us to talk about Lebron's rant against the media on the Jerry Jones situation as well as potential trade scenarios. Also, a new job in New York that pays well, but comes with some...challenges.

12/2 H1: Laker trade scenarios; Ryan Abraham talks Pac-12 title game

Jovan Buha reported that the Lakers have a couple of potential trade scenarios on the table as December 15th approaches. Ryan Abraham from hops on to talk about tonights Pac 12 title game

12/1 H3: A ref curses out an NBA player; DeShawn Watson speaks with media; Pac 12 TV deal update; Listener haiku

We continue our discussion on the Rose Bowl sacrificing its 2pm on New Years Day timeslot in order to join the expanded College Football Playoff. Also, an NBA ref is suspended for cursing at a player, Deshawn Watson speaks before he makes his season debut and an update on the Pac 12 television contract talks

12/1 H2: Mark Medina talks NBA; How many marriages is too many? Loss of tradition

Mark Medina from hops on to talk Lakers, Clippers and more. Rob Parker says no one can fall in love more than twice. The Rose Bowl officially ended its fight to keep the game at 2pm on New Years Day and will be a part of the expanded College Football 12-team playoff

12/1 H1: Lebron on Jerry Jones photo

We discuss Lebron James bringing up the 1957 photo of Jerry Jones in high school as black students were looking to integrate.

11/30 H2: Mexico eliminated in World Cup; Listener haiku; Vassegh

Mexico won but still failed to advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup. A listener haiku. David Vassegh hops on to talk about the Dodgers' meeting with Justin Verlander and more.

11/30 H1: Should bad teams re-fund money to fans?

We discuss whether teams that fall out of playoff contention should refund some money back to fans who are expecting to see a title contender

11/29 H3: Jamie Murry on his halfcourt shot to win $75k at Crytpo; Rose Bowl out of CFP rotation?

Jamie Murry hit a halfcourt shot to win $75,000 at the Lakers-Pacers game last night - he joins the show. Also, the Rose Bowl could be left out of the new 12 team College Football Playoff if it continues to play hardball.

11/29 H2: Vinny Bonsignore talks NFL week; Dodgers hot stove talk

Vinny Bonsignore puts a bow on Week 12 of the NFL season. The Dodgers met with Justin Verlander + Cody Bellinger is reportedly seeking a 1 year contract. Kelli Bradley from our friends at The Dream Center hops on to talk about how you can help struggling families this holiday season