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Roggin & Rodney

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3/29 H2: Vic haiku; Dan Woike

3/29 H1: Outman named CF starter; Where the Lakers stand; Jacob Emrani

James Outman will start in CF against right handers for the Dodgers. We discuss where the Lakers stand with 7 games left. Jacob Emrani joins us in studio

3/28 H2: Ned Colletti; Vic haiku

Ned Colletti joins us for the entire hour as we broadcast live from Hollywood Park Casino. Vic the Brick haiku

3/28 H1: James Butts; New look Dodgers roster

Inglewood mayor, James Butts, joins us in person from Hollywood Park Casino. We discuss the new look Dodgers roster as they get set for their final game in the freeway series tonight. Magic Johnson is part of a new ownership.

3/27 H2: Vic haiku; David Vassegh; Malik Beasley trashed on social media

Vic the Brick haiku. David Vassegh hops on as the Dodgers head to Anaheim for their final 2 spring training games. Malik Beasley was trashed on IG after he posted a birthday message to his 4 year old son following the Lakers' loss to Chicago.

3/27 H1: Rodney w/ Barry Sanders + Fred at Golden Mics; Why are teams more honest with fans?

Fred tells a few stories from his experience at the Golden Mics over the weekend while Rodney talks about being back in Detroit as a former teammate was honored.

3/24 H3: Vic haiku; Its Lit; Vinny Bonsignore

Vic the Brick haiku. Its Lit features news on the NFL potentially flexing Thursday night games. Vinny Bonsignore talks Rams rebuild, Lamar Jackson and more.

3/24 H2: Know anyone who escaped from jail? Rob Parker; Lakers-OKC tonight

2 men escaped from jail but were captured soon after - at an IHOP. Rob Parker joins us. The Clippers beat OKC yesterday, now the Lakers have a big matchup with them tonight.

3/24 H1: UCLA loses to Gonzaga in Sweet 16; David Vassegh

UCLA drops a tough one in the Sweet 16 against Gonzaga. Is it ok to criticize college kids now that many of them are compensated via NIL. David Vassegh talks Urias as the opening day starter, James Outman making the roster and more.

3/23 Haiku; Its Lit; Tim Cates

Vic the Brick haiku. Its Lit features an update on the Dodgers' roster. Tim Cates previews UCLA-Gonzaga in the Sweet 16