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Robert Horry On Lakers: "I Think The Future Is Bright"

NBA champion and former Laker, Robert Horry, joins Rodney Peete and Chris "Geeter" McGee to talk about the Lakers future and Spurs issues surrounding Kawhi Leonard. Horry says the Lakers didn't have a great beginning of the season but finished well by constantly improving.  

"I think the future is bright. You can give these guys a grade B. Beginning of the season it was C but they constantly improved and constantly got better so thats what you want to see out of a young team."

This year's Laker roster featured a handful of young players. However, Horry says that certain players should look to Julius Randle on how to take that next step in improving their games. 

"Julius is a hard worker. You can tell by the way he transformed his body in the summer time. I think all these guys on the team need to look at what Julius did and transform their body especially Mr. Ball. He needs to get stronger because if you look at all the injuries he had that just comes from being small in stature being not as strong, not being up for the 82-game grind and also with Ingram."

Horry also weighed in the Spurs situation with their star small forward, Kawhi Leonard. Leonard had been dealing with a quad injury since last summer and was only featured in 9 Spurs' games this season. Although he has been cleared to play from team doctors, the 26-year-old has been putting off his return. Horry, who spent 5 seasons with the Spurs, says that all players react to injuries differently. 

"Everybody doesn't heal the same. I know everybody expecting Kawhi to comeback. Maybe Kawhi did something and hurt it again in rehab and had a setback. People forget that sometimes you have setbacks. And when you have a setback and you're an athlete, who's never been injured, who doesn't know how to handle this situation and is worried about his future and worried about that deal thats coming up. They get scared. I think he was just scared and said I want to make sure I'm one hundred percent."

Listen to the full interview below!

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