Yankees Fans Are Throwing Beer At People

The Yankees fans are livid after the Boston Red Sox beat the Yankees 4-3 and they are moving on to the next round to face the Astros. 

On Tuesday, a fan caught a Yankee fan throwing beer at Red Sox fans a couple rows in front of them who weren't even bothering them. 

If you remember, when the New York Yankees defeated the Oakland A's, a Yankee fan dumped beer all over an A's fan in the stands. Luckily for him, he is going to be invited to game next season and will also get hooked up with a bunch of gear by the Oakland A's. 

Not only were Yankees fans throwing beer at fans, but also Red Sox players warming up. While Boston Red Sox closer Craig Kimbrel was about to come on the field, a Yankees fan from the stands almost nailed the pitcher in the head with a beer can. 

Kimbrel got the last laugh since he threw out 28 pitches to seven batters that ended up closing the game and the series. 

No more "beer throwing" for Yankees fans this season. 

Photo: Getty Images 

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