Yankees Fan Dumps Beer All Over An A's Fan

Yesterday, the Yankees and A's met in the wild-card game that ended up with the Yankees defeating the Oakland A's 7-2. What happened in the stands was a lot worse than what went down on the field. 

Last night, this video of a Yankees fan throwing beer at a random A's fan emerged and now has gone completely viral. 

Many people on social media were incredibly upset at the Yankees fan because of the fact the A's fan was minding his own business. The fact he was able to keep his cool throughout the whole incident is pretty crazy.

Even Yankees fans understood how bad this actually is. 

Luckily, social media did a lot of digging overnight and they found the A's fan who had beer dumped on him at the game. 

The man is New Yorker John Spencer who is about to be recognized at an A's game next season and he will receive a care package along with that. 

A horrific moment for John turned into a great moment for him. Kudos to everyone involved that tracked down John. 

Video: Twitter @OlvinnO

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