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Why It's Already Time For the Patriots to Trade Mac Jones

Colin Cowherd: Bill Belichick has always viewed players as ‘pieces’ and ‘parts’, he doesn’t get emotional. He’s moved off great players, Pro Bowlers, and wanted to move off Brady. He moved off Garoppolo. Josh Allen in the last two games has been so devastating, unstoppable, and jaw-dropping – could Belichick, with a GREAT defense, be thinking ‘I probably have to trade Mac Jones’? If this is a gunfight, he’s not sufficiently armed. That was the best cold-weather performance I’ve ever seen by a quarterback. Mac wasn’t terrible but the league has changed. Mac has value, he is a 'free' player for three years at the most vital position. You can win with Tua and Mac Jones, and for some organizations that’s what they’re looking at. Belichick wants Super Bowls. Mahomes, Herbert, Burrow, Josh Allen… good luck being absolutely a tier below them. In the last two games against Belichick, Josh Allen has 8 touchdowns, no picks, over 600 yards, and no punts. Belichick is thinking ‘I’ve got to face THAT at least 10 times in the next 5 years??’ This isn’t the Brady Era where all of the quarterbacks and most of the coaches were stiffs. Does Belichick look at this and think ‘I have created value for Mac Jones’? There are nine teams that need a quarterback. Everyone talks about Russell Wilson but no one mentions New England. You can’t tell me you can’t get value for Mac Jones.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Patriots should look to trade Mac Jones this offseason simply because of just how dominant and unstoppable Josh Allen has become against Bill Belichick’s defenses that in turn, don't have enough firepower on offense to counter with.

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