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Expect Ja Morant to Get Suspended Again Very Soon

Ben Maller: “The question: has Grizzlies star Ja Morant learned his lesson? I am shaking my head NO. Another suspension is ultimately going to end up happening. It’s not just that Ja Morant is repeat offender and he has social media blunders galore... I’ll concede, the guy is a heck of a ball player and that’s why the Grizzlies are putting up with this. If he couldn't play, he wouldn't be in the NBA. But he’s good, and when you’re good, people look the other way. The main piece of evidence is Ja Morant yelling as he was walking in the bowels of the arena in the Bayou about ‘keeping receipts.’ Who exactly is Ja Morant keeping ‘receipts’ of? The one who got him in trouble was the man in the mirror. What receipts is he talking about? That was the first game back. You would think ‘I'll be good for a couple games’ and won’t do anything to rock the boat, but Ja is visiting the ‘stubborn mule’ sports bar. We would be surprised if we do not do another ‘Maller Monologue’ within the next year and a half where he is in the principal’s office sooner than later. I’ve heard nothing to indicate that he has changed his ways. He’s still surrounded by the same knuckleheads that have helped lead him down the garden path towards the Amen Corner of hangers-on, and people riding his coattails living the baller life. Ja does appear to like doing cosplay. He likes to pretend he’s a gangster. I don’t see him changing despite the 25-game suspension. It’s hardly punishment. There were rumors the NBA was going to suspend him indefinitely like they did Draymond Green, and that he would be out the entire year... But he rubbed his nose in Adam Silver and the Dum Dums at the NBA who signed off on the initial punishment. The initial punishment was some next-level, wackadoodle medical quackery in some therapy. It was just ridiculous and had been proven to be bogus. ‘Therapy’ for posting guns on Instagram from nudie bars? Adam Silver showed in that case that he’s gutless by meekly handing out a 25-game suspension, which is actually more of a reward than a punishment because NBA players hate playing early-season games. Ja Morant doesn’t care. Rest up, load management-- that’s a reward, that’s not a punishment.” (Full Video Above) 

Watch Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio’s The Ben Maller Show explain why he’s not buying the truth and reconciliation of Ja Morant when it comes to his post-suspension future, as Maller believes the troubled Memphis Grizzlies star will be back in the crosshairs of NBA commissioner Adam Silver once again very soon. 

Check out the segment above as Maller calls out Morant for claiming that he kept ‘receipts’ on what his critics were saying about him during his lengthy suspension, saying Ja needs to look in the mirror if he really wants to see his saboteur.

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