Dave Roberts Shares An Update On Clayton Kershaw's Injury

Philadelphia Phillies v Los Angeles Dodgers

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Kershaw as of right now is dealing with right SI joint inflammation. The sacroiliac joints are situated where the lower spine and pelvic connect and can cause lower back pain, according to the Mayo Clinic. Here is what Clayton Kershaw said this weekend:

“I don’t feel great right now, but hopefully I’ll feel good and be back out there soon,” Kershaw said.

Kershaw didn’t go into detail about the injury, which required an epidural shot last Thursday, but he expressed confidence that he’ll be better by the time his required 15 days on the injured list are up. Dave Roberts also expressed confidence in Kershaw being back soon.

“Flare-up is a good descriptor. Not concerned about it long term, but just want to make sure it doesn’t evolve into something that’s scarier so knock it out right now and get him back soon.”

The Dodgers will have 3 games in two days when they host the Arizona Diamondbacks. Positive news will likely come this week in regards to Clayton Kershaw.

Photos: Getty Images

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