LA Uber Driver & Comedian Turns Every Car Ride Into A Karaoke Session

Uber car waiting for customer

Photo: Getty Images

According to NBC Los Angeles, LA based Uber driver Julien Tshikuna also know as, The Bantu Boy came to Los Angeles from Belgium! He's been working in the entertainment industry as a comedian, but once the pandemic hit he decided to get even more creative. In an interview with Lynette Romero, Julien says:

“I was in that space, ‘What am I going to do now?,’ I’m driving an Uber. I have to pay the bills, of course, because Uncle Sam doesn’t wait for you. I decided to set up a light in his car, bought a microphone, have a special set-up in my car, and go from there.I first want to make sure you’re vibing. I try to read the right energy,”

Learn more about Julien Tshikuna on his website!

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