AAA Parks Will Use Electronic Strike Zones (Robot Umpires) In 2023


Photo: AFP

Major League Baseball is expected to use an automated ball-strike system across the Triple-A class during the 2023 season, according to ESPN's Buster Olney

According to ESPN, half of the games in 2023 will use ABS for all calls behind home plate. The other half will use a challenge system. Each team will have three challenges per game and ABS will be the deciding factor. A team will retain a challenge if the system proves them correct.

In the future, if MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred makes the decision to bring robot umps to the major leagues, the MLB Umpires Association will cooperate in the integration of the system as agreed upon in its most recent labor contract.

For now, the robot umpires will remain in the minor leagues as well as some Floridian spring training facilities.

Photo: Getty Images

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