Stan Kasten Talks About Possible Changes, Playing Young Talent & More

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Could changes be coming for the Dodgers?

After the Dodgers NLDS exit from the 2022 playoffs, it is now time to look at the offseason and see how this roster will be constructed. This past weekend, CEO Stan Kasten talked with Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times and talked about understanding the frustration from Dodgers fans and possible changes that could be coming in the 2023 season. Here is what Kasten said:

Earlier in the last decade, we had a wave of young guys who were going to be real contributors. We think we are now on the precipice of the next wave of young guys. We need to make room to allow that to happen.
If money is what is needed, we'll certainly do that, as we've shown time and time again. But if we think we have kids who need time to play up here, I'm sure we'll do that as well."
“I’m sure there are ways that we can get better. … We can’t accept that there’s no way we can get better. … That’s not an acceptable conclusion,” he said. “You can look at everything that happened and you can look at everything we did … you hope the breaks even out over a period of time, but we always assume there are things we can do to get better.”

The free agency period starting later this week and the Dodgers will likely be one of the teams that are going to be very busy.

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