S.F. Giants Speak Out After Vendor Sold Dodgers Gear At Oracle Park

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Francisco Giants

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Dodgers completed a 3-game sweep of the San Francisco Giants at Oracle Park on Sunday. In the middle of the homestand for the Giants, something very interesting

After a photo of the stand viral, the Giants said it was stocked in error and blamed a subcontractor, according to Evan Webecik of Mercury News. Here is what they said to Webeck after they found out about the error.

"We’ve spoken to Bon Appetit and have been reassured that selling Dodgers merchandise will not happen again in the future," the Giants told the Merc.
“At least four sweatshirts bearing the Los Angeles logo were for sale between $40 and $100, while a dozen different varieties of caps with logos ranging from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, as well as the San Francisco Seals, were available.

The San Francisco Giants are currently 69-77 and will miss the playoffs this season after winning the NL West & going to the NLDS last year.

Photo: Getty Images

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