Manny Machado Says He's Not Concerned About Being Swept By Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been rolling so far this year and they kept it going after they swept the San Diego Padres after sweeping the San Francisco Giants.

After the game yesterday, Manny Machado spoke with members of the media and asked if he was concerned about the Dodgers moving forward after the sweep. Here

Is Manny Machado concerned about the way Padres match up with the Dodgers? "Concerned? Why would I be concerned? Not at all," he said. Why the level of confidence? "Cause I'm freaking Manny Machado," he said, but he didn't actually say freaking.
“We know what we have and that’s it,” Machado said. “We have no pressure in here. We’re going out there and playing baseball every single day. Whatever that day brings us, we’re gonna go out there and give it all we have.”

Dodgers and Padres see each other next month in San Diego for a 3 game series and could be a possible playoff series preview.

Photo: Getty Images

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