Mike Trout Diagnosed With Rare Back Condition

Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners

Photo: Getty Images North America

Some unfortunate news in the baseball world as Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout will miss at least another week before starting more activity, head athletic trainer Mike Frostad told reporters Wednesday.

Trout had been dealing with rib cage inflammation and received a cortisone injection in his back last Thursday to help deal with the ailment.

Frostad said that it takes two weeks for the full effect of the shot.

"The injection was done into the joint where the rib meets up with the spine," Frostad said Saturday. "So it's kind of a difficult area to get to and he just has to let that cortisone take effect. He's doing some stuff right now that doesn't involve rotation."
"This is a pretty rare condition that he has right now in his back," Frostad added Wednesday. "The doctor [Robert Watkins III], who is one of the most well-known spine surgeons in the country -- if not the world, doesn't see a lot of these."

Trout hasn't played for the Angels since the beginning of July.

Photo: Getty Images

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