Video Shows Anthony Rendon Punching Jesse Winker During Brawl

When the Angels made a late decision Sunday to go with little-used reliever Andrew Wantz as their opener on the mound, the Mariners suspected they might be about to get payback for a fastball that got awfully close to Mike Trout's head the previous night during Angels-Mariners.

Angels said that wasn't the reason and yet Wantz threw a pitch behind Julio Rodriguez's head in the first inning and then hit Jesse Winker in the hip to start the second. A wild, angry brawl ensued, resulting in the ejections of six players and both managers. The fracas will be remembered by both teams a whole lot longer than the Angels' 2-1 victory over Seattle.

In the middle of it, Anthony Rendon who is out for the season for the Angels, threw a punch at Jesse Winker in the middle of the brawl.

Major League Baseball will likely be handing down suspension and fines throughout the week as the league reviews the video.

Photo: Getty Images

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