Clayton Kershaw Hopes Dodgers Aren't A "Second Fiddle" For Freddie Freeman

Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves

Photo: Getty Images North America

Freddie Freeman had a very emotional return to Atlanta this past weekend when the Dodgers took on the Braves.

Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw had a front row seat to all of this. The former All-Star had what seemed to be a reminder for Freeman after the whirlwind weekend by noting that he did not want the Dodgers to be “second fiddle.”

“It was very cool (to see Freeman’s reception Friday night),” Kershaw told Gabriel Burns of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “He’s obviously been a big contributor for our team. And I hope we’re not second fiddle. It’s a pretty special team over here, too. I think whenever he gets comfortable over here, he’ll really enjoy it. It was a good night for him (Friday).”

Kershaw’s comments appear to be a gentle reminder to Freeman to remember which team he currently plays for. Freeman signed a six year, $162 million dollar contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in March.

Photo: Getty Images

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