Tim Anderson Reacts To Josh Donaldson's Suspension Handed Down By MLB

Tim Anderson has refuted Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson’s claim that directing a “Jackie” Robinson comment at Anderson on Saturday could’ve in any way been rooted in a long-running joke.

Today, Anderson acknowledged to reporters that Josh Donaldson called him “Jackie” in 2019, and that in response, Anderson said he told Donaldson that they didn’t need to speak ever again.

In a Sports Illustrated article in 2019, Anderson referred to himself as a modern-day Jackie Robinson in some ways. Donaldson has explained that he made the comment Saturday as a joke between the two. Donaldson played for the Braves in 2019. He and Anderson didn’t have any incidents based around the term in 2020 and 2021 as Donaldson played for the AL Central rival Twins.

Photo: Getty Images

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