Clayton Kershaw Defends Dave Roberts For Pulling Him From Perfect Game

Los Angeles Dodgers v Minnesota Twins

Photo: Getty Images North America

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts’ decision to pull Clayton Kershaw from a perfect game was the talk of the sports world today. Kershaw, however, was not among those joining in.

Kershaw defended Roberts’ decision after the game, admitting that he was not in peak shape to go all the way and throw as many pitches as the effort may have required. Kershaw added that he had not picked up a ball for three months over the offseason, making any attempt to stretch him out risky.

"I knew going in that my pitch count wasn’t going to be 100. It’s a hard thing to do, to come out of a game when you’re doing that. We’re here to win. This was the right choice."

The Dodgers are now leaving Minnesota to head back to Los Angeles to play the Reds tomorrow in the home opener.

Photo: Getty Images

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