Hot Mic Catches Stu Lantz Trolling The Lakers Before Suns Game

Stu Lantz accidentally let everyone know how he felt about the Lakers season yesterday.

During pregame warmups Tuesday before the Suns beat the Lakers 121-110, Lantz was caught on a hot mic begging for the season to end.

“SOS, DD,” Lantz could be heard saying on-air. “Get this over with. Put us out of our misery.”
“SOS, DD” is an acronym for “same old s–t, different day.”

Lantz obviously didn’t know the mic was hot, as he was testing the audio just seconds before his unenthused comments. But he predicted it to be true, as the top-seeded Suns rolled past the Lakers in Phoenix, while LeBron James remained on the bench due to a nagging ankle injury.

The Lakers will miss the playoffs for the second time in the last four year.

Photo: Getty Images

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