Tyler Matzek Responds To Dave Roberts World Series Prediction

The Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts made headlines this past week on the Dan Patrick Show here on AM 570 LA Sports by making a bold prediction about the 2022 season. One Brave took notice of that,

In a tweet, Atlanta Braves pitcher Tyler Matzek offered a reaction to Roberts’ prediction. Here is what he said:

Breaking: Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts, believed to have received a copy of Grays Sports Almanac from future self. Plans to open Dave Roberts’ Pleasure Paradise Casino and Hotel in near future.

That is a reference to the film “Back To The Future 2” and the famous almanac that told the future of every major sporting event for the rest of the century. By that token, Roberts would be playing the role of villain Biff Tannen with his guarantee.

The Dodgers and Braves will see each other a few times this year before likely seeing each other in the playoffs once again.

Photo: Getty Images

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