Mick Cronin On Playing UNC, Gives An Update On Jaime Jaquez Jr & More

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Mick Cronin joins Petros and Money to talk about going to the Sweet 16, beating Akron and St Marys, update on Jaime Jaquez Jr ankle and what the plan is if JJJ can’t play.

How is Jaime's ankle coach?

Yeah, I mean, it's unreal for us this year, my friend. I mean, it still points like you guys can't eat I figure, okay, it all happened for a reason to COVID the injuries nonstop. I mean, he didn't practice today. He's got a shot to play Friday. But how will we will he be able to play if he plays? So, you know, it's a two fold question. You know, will he be able to feel comfortable enough to get out there? Suit up? And then if so, at what level? You know, at what level because you know, you're playing a great team in North Carolina. So what level will he be able to do it? So I don't think we're gonna have any idea on that until Thursday.

Mick Cronin on which cheesesteaks they are going to get in Philly

Delassandros cheesesteaks. We've got to get the guys there without question.

Listen to the full interview above!

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