Freddie Freeman Said He Was "Hurt" When Braves Traded For Matt Olson

Atlanta Braves World Series Parade

Photo: Getty Images North America

Freddie Freeman is officially a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers and on Friday, the official announce of Freddie Freeman happened and the Atlanta Braves closed the book on the Freeman era with the Matt Olson trade. Freeman returning to Atlanta seemed fait accompli going into the offseason. Instead, he is now a Dodger.

"I didn't think I'd ever get to free agency if we're being honest about it," Freeman said during his introductory press conference Friday. "... The emotions were all over the place. When you spend someplace for 15 years and you see that chapter got closed right then and there, I didn't really speak for a couple of hours, just trying to figure it all out."

Freddie Freeman said he was working out in Corona Del Mar when the Braves traded for Matt Olson. Said he was “blindsided.”

"I think every emotion came across. I was hurt. It's really hard to put into words still."

Freeman’s $162 million deal is the largest that top Dodgers executive Andrew Friedman has ever given to a free agent, and only the second time he’s gone over $100 million on the open market.

Photo: Getty Images

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