Freddie Freeman And The Dodgers Have Agreed To A Multi-Year Contact

Dodgers and Freddie Freeman have reportedly agreed on a 6-year contract worth up at $162 million with the Dodgers.

Our very own David Vassegh reported back before the lockout that the Dodgers and Freddie Freeman were engaged in talks before the lockout after the Braves did not offer him a contract.

Just a couple weeks ago, Max Muncy came on Dodger Talk with David Vassegh saying how great it would be if Freddie Freeman ends up in Dodger Blue. Here is what he said.

“I think it’s awesome. imagine how dangerous we’d be if we get him in that lineup. It makes me really excited. Yeah, maybe it’s not as much first base but that’s ok because I think I’ve said several times I enjoy playing second base more.”

Many have long expected that Freeman, a career-long Brave, will re-sign with Atlanta on a long-term deal. Calls for the Braves to sign him to an extension particularly mounted after the club wrapped up a World Series title in November. Freeman, of course, played no small part in Atlanta’s first championship in 26 years; after hitting .300/.393/.503 during the regular season, he posted an OPS above .990 in all three playoff rounds.

Freddie Freeman is a Los Angeles Dodger.

Photo: Getty Images

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