Dave Roberts Speaks On The Possibility Of A Trevor Bauer Return

As the lockout as ended, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts spoke with the media on several different topics. One was Trevor Bauer and he addressed what his thoughts were as players report to camp.

"I dont want to close the door on him being at Spring Training, because I dont know enough right now."

Bauer spent the second half of last season (81 games) on administrative leave while the league investigated the allegations. While he won't be facing criminal charges, that doesn't have a direct bearing on MLB's decision, as the league is still allowed to come to its own conclusions regarding any potential punishment.

Though he’s been out of baseball for nearly nine months now, Bauer is now a reality for the Dodgers, and his situation must be settled (pending MLB investigation) prior to Opening Day. Bauer could possibly return to Dodgers camp.

Photo: Getty Images

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