Walker Buehler Takes To Twitter To Sound Off On CBA Negotiations

It has been a very frustrating 85+ days in the sport of Major League Baseball as the owners and the players have still not agreed to a deal on a new CBA. One player that voiced his frustration on Twitter yesterday was Dodgers ace Walker Buehler.

Buehler took to Twitter Thursday night, calling out the owners’ unwillingness to offer up a fair part to the players. Here’s what he said in a now deleted tweets. 

This isn't millionaires vs. billionaires. This is workers vs. owners. The value is subjective. We are EXTREMELY lucky to do what we do but the numbers dont line up. I appreciate the fans getting where we are coming from truly.
Please tell me how what we, the players, are asking for is crazy? Inflation happens. Markets rise. Money grows. Ask our owners. They know. Why would we agree to less than even inflation level income rises? Would you take that?

If a new deal isn’t agreed upon in principle by Monday, then MLB has threatened to postpone the season. In retort, the union has said that if teams don’t play a full 162 game season, they will withdraw their blessing for expanded playoffs in 2022.

They currently remain far apart in financials.

Photo: Getty Images

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