Max Muncy Gives The Latest Update On His Injured Elbow

All-Star Dodgers infielder Max Muncy had a seriously injured his left elbow during the last game of the 2021 MLB regular season on a collision at first base. At the time, the word from the team was that Muncy had dislocated his elbow and that there was a chance he could play in the World Series, if they advanced that far.

In a TV interview with MLB Network (full interview here), Muncy revealed the injury is worse than we were led to believe. The Bleed Los Podcast caught up with the All-Star to talk about what he has been doing this offseason and gave an update on the stats of his injured arm.

It was a total blowout almost but because it was the left arm, I didn't need surgery because of how the ligament was laying on the arm it would heal on it's own. Missing the playoffs sucked, but we should be ready for this year and will see how things go once we start getting into baseball this year.

Photo: Getty Images

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