Sacramento Kings Troll Russell Westbrook Over His Recent Struggles

Russell Westbrook had yet another poor performance with the Los Angeles Lakers last night. During the game against the Sacramento Kings, Westbrook once again failed to surpass the 10-point mark, making it his third straight game with an underwhelming scoring output. Westbrook was quite bad once again for the Lakers, and the Sacramento Kings decided to poke fun at him during the game.

In the final moments of the Lakers-Kings game, the Sacramento Kings arena put up a graphic on the jumbotron which dubbed Russell Westbrook the ‘Ice Cold Player Of The Game’. 

After the game, Westbrook was asked about the Kings’ trolling him about his performance. Russ, not one to take kindly to insults, laughed it off, and poked fun at the Sacramento Kings for their 14-year playoff drought, suggesting that they should have played the song each time they missed out on the playoffs.

You’re as cold as ice” every time he missed a shot: “(Laughs) That’s funny. I hope they played that the last 14 years, too. That’s cute.”

Westbrook looks to get out of the slump Saturday night against the Denver Nuggets.

Photo: Getty Images

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