(VIDEO): Mookie Betts Bowls A Perfect Game Once Again

Mookie Betts is in the middle of an MLB lockout, but that’s not stopping him from accomplishing impressive feats.

The Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder bowled yet another perfect game. Video showed him with a strike in every frame and needed one more for the 300. Yes, the guy known as “Marku” on the scoreboard picked up the final strike for the 300. Betts has been an avid bowler since high school and even rolled in a professional league in 2015.

Many are wondering why the name “Marku” is on the scoreboard, Betts’ full name is Markus Lynn Betts. He goes by Mookie for short, or “Marku” when the scoreboard limits you to five characters.

Betts added another perfect score to his already impressive bowling resume.

Photo: Getty Images

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