Trevor Bauer Hints At His Possible Return To The Dodgers In The Future

Trevor Bauer hasn't pitched for the Los Angeles Dodgers since June 28th against the San Francisco Giants in front of fans at Dodger Stadium. Bauer early Monday morning took some time to answer fan questions on Twitter and he stated that he's "looking forward" to putting on at Dodger uniform again and pitching at Dodger Stadium.

The Pasadena Police Department conducted an investigation, the Los Angeles County district attorney has findings on hand. And it's been like this since August 27th. Now we're four months later, and nothing has changed.

A recent article by Brittany Ghiroli of The Athletic addresses one of the key concerns — is there any timetable for the DA?

None. The only comment the DA’s office will give is the case remains “under review.” … Multiple sources indicated Bauer’s case won’t be decided one way or the other until at least January and it has little, if anything, to do with the holiday.

Bauer has already contested a temporary restraining order against him as part of these claims, but the restraining order outcome does not necessarily prohibit him from being charged with criminal offenses.

Photo: Getty Images

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