Corey Seager Says He Was Already Recruiting Clayton Kershaw To The Rangers

Clayton Kershaw leaving the Los Angeles Dodgers has been a fear of many Dodger fans. With this lockout occurring, Kershaw will have some time to ultimately make a decision.

Corey Seager who just signed a 10-year deal worth over $300 million was introduced yesterday as the newest member of the Texas Rangers. When asked if he had any conversations with Kershaw yet about joining his hometown team, here is what he said:

“I’ve had some talks with Kersh, for sure.”

Kershaw’s still capable of being highly productive. Over 121 2/3 innings, the 33-year-old worked to a 3.55 ERA this past season. That kind of production would upgrade any team’s rotation including the Dodgers.

Where will Kershaw land ultimately? We will have to wait until the lockout is officially over to determine that.

Photo: Getty Images

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