Von Miller Is Already Trying To Recruit Odell Beckham Jr To Rams

Von Miller as yet to appear in a game with the Los Angeles Rams, but the star pass-rusher is already doing some recruiting work for his new team.

Miller, who was traded to the Rams from the Denver Broncos on Monday, is hoping another former Pro Bowler will join him in L.A. After the Cleveland Browns announced on Friday that they are parting ways with Odell Beckham Jr., Miller shared a photo of himself and OBJ on Instagram. Friday happened to be Beckham’s 29th birthday, so Miller wished him a happy birthday. He also wrote “come to the (Rams) so we can chase this ring together!!!”

Beckham will have to clear waivers before any team is free to sign him. The Rams have the 30th waiver priority out of 32 teams, and Beckham may not make it that far.

Photo: Getty Images

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