Dodgers: Why AJ Pollock Won't Be Able To Opt Out Of His Contract

San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers

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AJ Pollock will not be able to opt out of his contract this winter which will make Dodger fans happy.

AJ Pollock is in the middle one of his best seasons hitting over 20 HR's this season. That production would position him as one of the best outfielders on the free-agent market this winter, but according to MLB Trade Rumors, Pollock will fall just a few plate appearances shy to trigger an opt-out clause in his deal.

Pollock’s contract, signed in Jan. 2019, was a four year, $55M deal that covered the 2019-22 seasons with a player option for a fifth year in 2023. However, the contract also allowed Pollock to opt out of the 2022 season and receive a $5MM buyout if he hit one of two plate appearance milestones: 1450 plate appearances combined from 2019-21 or 1000 combined from 2020-2021.

Pollock needed 433 plate appearances in 2021 to unlock that right to opt out, but he’s currently in the low 400's with just three games to play.

Photo: Getty Images

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