Dave Roberts Provides An Update On Gavin Lux After Collision With Wall

Dodgers outfielder Gavin Lux crashed into the centerfield wall on Wednesday night in the Dodgers 11-9 win over the Padres at Dodger Stadium.

Lux was trying to track down a drive by Wil Myers in the sixth inning. Lux had the ball in his glove, only to have it jarred loose just before he crashed full speed into the wall and crumpled to the ground. Roberts said that Lux sustained a neck stinger on the play.

“I think it’s kind of sit tight. Hopefully he wakes up and it’s not too stiff or too sore,” Roberts said of the initial outlook.
“Typically it’s a couple day thing, so we’ll see. We don’t know until we see how he wakes up. That’s kind of what this game is, guys have to pick each other up. Cody in that specific spot picked us up.”

Photo: Getty Images

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