Mookie Betts Shares Advice With Gavin Lux On Playing Centerfield

When Mookie Betts came to the Dodgers, the team knew right away the impact he was going to have. But what they didn't know is the impact he will have on his teammates.

Gavin Lux is learning how to play left field on the fly as he had no professional experience there before the 2021 season. Mookie Betts made his transition early on his career and is now is helping out his teammate.

“This is so much different than the infield, so just trying to help him going through some of the growing pains that all outfielders end up going through once you transition from infield to outfield,” Betts said of the advice he’s given Lux.
“Just told him to play aggressive and he can catch the ball too. That was pretty much it. He’s been swinging the bat really well and helping us down at the bottom (of the lineup). He’s been huge for us.”

Dodgers get set to take on the San Diego Padres this week and hope to catch the San Francisco Giants in the NL West.

Photo: Getty Images

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