Mariachi Joe Kelly Bobblehead Has Been Released

When Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly arrived in a mariachi jacket. That’s now been commemorated by FOCO with the release of a limited-edition bobblehead.

The Joe Kelly mariachi bobblehead, which was made available for purchase Tuesday morning, is numbered out of 417. It’s the latest bobblehead from FOCO, who previously launched other Dodger bobbleheads such as Max Muncy, Justin Turner, and more!

Kelly obtained the jacket from Grover Castro Tiburcio in exchange for one of his game jerseys. Tiburcio was part of a mariachi group that was preparing for their performance at Dodger Stadium when Kenley Jansen summoned the group onto the field for batting practice.

Another Joe Kelly viral moment turns in to a bobblehead and he continues to be a national treasure.

Photo: Getty Images

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