(PHOTO): Space Jam Mural Featuring LeBron James Has Been Vandalized

A mural promoting the 2021 movie Space Jam starring LeBron James was vandalized in his own hometown on Monday.

According to Akron police, suspect(s) used spray paint to write “LaFlop” across the mural, which is on a West Market St. business, and also a clown nose on the Los Angeles Lakers star. Police say the artist who painted the mural called them and wanted them to request video from the business owner, but an employee said the camera wasn’t working. The artist told police she will try to clean off the spray paint.

The artist spoke out on social media with a picture of the mural:

First thing I’m going to say is this will not stop me!! I saw what happened to my mural and whoever did it should think about this.. why would you even take time out of your day to go fuck up what someone else did for the community? Did that make you feel good? I took my time on this.. but you know what? I left my mark. Wether it was one of my haters or Lebrons haters, I don’t wish harm on nobody. I’m still going to keep going and do great things. I hope you know that this is not going to stop me! It’s all love 💜#akronarthelp#akronartforce#donteverstop#keepgoing#stayfocused

Photo: Getty Images

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