Joe Kelly Shares Why He Is Growing Out His Mustache

Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves

Photo: Getty Images North America

Joe Kelly has been on point on and off the field as of late. He also changed up his look as of late.

Kelly as of right now is sporting a mullet hair style and has a mustache going as well. The Dodgers pitcher recently spoke about why he is growing out that mustache on SportsNetLA. 

People always think it has to do with performance, but I might shave it off. I’m not a superstitious guy but it’s not for me. …It just goes through phases. I’m a little ADHD so I get a little bored. I rocked a mustache in Boston for a little bit, I’ve rocked it maybe in St Louis. I go through phases, beard or maybe clean-shaven. All of the above. Right now the mustache, the wife definitely doesn’t love it. But Knox kind of digs it. 

The Dodgers celebrated their 2020 World Series win with a visit to the White House on Friday, leading to another all-time great Joe Kelly moment. Kelly recently befriended a trumpet player in a Mariachi band at Dodger Stadium. In a friendly exchange, Kelly traded his jersey for the member’s mariachi jacket and wore it to the white house.

Photo: Getty Images

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