Dodgers Get Unfortunate News On Corey Seager's Progress Towards Return

Corey Seager when down on May 16th with a fractured right hand and the Dodgers hoped that he would return in July. Manager Dave Roberts gave an update on the rehab progress of Corey Seager and it didn't sound so encouraging. Here is what he said before the Dodgers took on the Giants:

It just isn't responding. Time is not helping us. He's just not coming along," Roberts said. "Still feels it when he hits, so we just feel we're going to put it on the back burner and slow play it a little bit."
He's working as hard as he can to prepare," Roberts said. "Not ideal for anyone. I just think he's at a point where it's like he's frustrated."

The Dodgers are just a few games back from the Giants in the NL West and will battle with the Giants at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night.

Photo: Getty Images

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