Alvin Toles Speaks Out On Andrew Toles: I Want Him To Have A Chance At Life

Los Angeles Dodgers v Colorado Rockies

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Andrew Toles is on the Dodgers roster but hasn’t played in game for over in three years. The Dodgers won the World Series last year, but while they were celebrating on the field in Arlington, Texas, Toles was in a hospital room in Florida.

Today, Morgan Toles (Andrew's sister) and Alvin Toles (Andrew's dad) spoke with Bob Nightengale about his sons battle with schizophrenia and his father's refusal to lose him. Here is what they said:

“He’s not really living, but just floating," Morgan Toles, Andrew’s sister, an assistant basketball coach at Florida State, tells USA TODAY Sports. “It’s almost zombie-like. I don’t know if he’ll ever get better. None of us do.
“I just want him to have a chance in life,’’ Alvin Toles softly says. “That’s all. Just to be healthy, live a normal life. I’d do anything for my son and my kids, and I know their mother cares a great deal, too."

Toles was arrested last summer when he was found asleep behind a Fed Ex Building at the Key West International Airport in Florida. Andrew Toles was placed on the Dodgers restricted list in March 2019 because of an undisclosed personal issue and hasn't played since. Over three seasons with the Dodgers, the native of Decatur, Georgia, was a big fan favorite on the Los Angeles Dodgers where many Dodger fans are still rooting for him off the field today.

Photo: Getty Images

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