MLB To Suspend Players 10 Days For Foreign Substance Use

Wild Card Round - Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals

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Major League Baseball will suspend pitchers 10 days if they are caught using "any foreign substance," according to ESPN's Jeff Passan

MLB is expected to distribute a memo to teams detailing its new policy on Tuesday, per Passan. Widely-used substances such as sunscreen will now be banned, as will spider tack a now-popular grip substance.

The use of different substances to affect a baseball's movement is a decades long practice and has come under greater scrutiny as of late. More advanced grip enhancers such as Spider Tack have led to a spike in spin rate on various pitches, helping contribute to the league-wide offense shortage.

Numerous notable pitchers have been involved in MLB's doctoring scandal including Yankees ace Gerrit Cole, Cardinals veteran Adam Wainwright and Wainwright responded to a Sports Illustrated report on pitch doctoring, noting the substances he used "didn't work for me."

Photo: Getty Images

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