MLB Already Starting To Crack Down On Pitchers Using Foreign Substances

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In the weeks moving forward, Major League Baseball will be looking to crackdown on the use of substances that has been used to increase spin rate for pitchers.

In the latest reports, it details the plan to continue its league-wide crackdown.Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reported Sunday that some of the measures being taken include:

The umpires will search starting pitchers at least twice and relievers at least once during games. They can check any part of the uniform or skin showing on the players. In order to keep with pace-of-play concerns, routine checks will only be made during commercial breaks. If a pitcher is suspected of use at any time, a check could take place during the inning. If a substance is found, the pitcher will be ejected on the spot and anything with the substance on it will be taken by MLB for examination. 
The umps will check the gloves of position players if it is suspected they are doctoring the balls for pitchers. 

The league has long allowed pitchers to use things to help with the grip of the baseball and has pretty much let them do whatever they want. The MLB will likely come out over the next few weeks and establish what pitchers can and cannot do in the future going forward.

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