Trevor Bauer Sends Message To MLB About Crack Down On Foreign Substances

Trevor Bauer has been front and center on the spin-rate controversy that has been going on in baseball.

After the game against the Atlanta Braves in Atlanta, Bauer was asked about MLB is threatening to crack down on pitchers who use foreign substances to improve their grip on the ball, he was asked if that was more than coincidence.

“I don’t know – hot, humid day in Atlanta,” he said. I just want to compete on a fair playing field. I’ll say it again. That’s been the point this entire time. If you are going to enforce then enforce it and if you are not, then stop sweeping it under the rug.
We have heard a whole bunch of stuff. We don't know what the rules are including the MLB and the commissioner. It will be nice to know what rules we are competing by.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said he is not concerned that a crackdown on sticky substances might adversely impact Bauer’s spin rate. "I’m not worried about Trevor,” Roberts said.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves

Photo: Getty Images

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