Kiké Hernandez On The Time Chase Utley Got Hit By A Pitch For Yasiel Puig

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres

Back in 2015, the Dodgers acquired Chase Utley to provide that leadership that every clubhouse needs around Major League Baseball. One of those guys was Kiké Hernandez. Dodgers fans remember that special friendship between the 2 players very fondly, with Kiké often referring to him as his dad. That friendship continues to thrive even today, with Kiké now in Boston.  

In a interview with The Athletic, Kiké told one of the greatest Chase Utley stories during his time with the Dodgers. Back in July of 2018, the Dodgers were playing the Milwaukee Brewers and had an 8-run lead. Yasiel Puig decided to steal third base in the 8th inning in a blowout, and Chase Utley knew what he had to do. 

Tell your pitcher to drill me. Someone’s got to teach Puig that there are ramifications in this game.

The Dodgers that year went all the way to the World Series where they eventually lost to the Boston Red Sox.

Photo: Getty Images

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