Jalen Ramsey Makes His Pitch For Julio Jones To Join The Rams

Julio Jones with the Atlanta Falcons is coming to an end, according to the wide receiver himself

During Monday's (May 24) episode ofUndisputed onFS1, co-host and Pro Football Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe called Jones on-air to update his status amid reports that the Falcons were actively seeking trades for the seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver.

“I’m out of [Atlanta]. I want to win," Jones told Sharpe over the phone during the live broadcast.

Shortly after that, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey decided to hop on Twitter to give his pitch for Julio Jones to come to the Rams. Here is what he said:

A winning culture, a great city, prime time games, LA's number 1 football team, etc etc.. sounds like the Rams should be a place superstars should want to play football lol. Blessings. #YesImRecruiting lol I wanna win.

Early reports are teams are looking for a first round pick in exchange for the superstar WR. One thing is certain, Julio will not return with the Falcons next season.

Photo: Getty Images

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