Players React To Yimi Garcia Tossing A Ball Towards The Dodgers Dugout

After winning the first two games against the Marlins this weekend, the Dodgers fell to the Marlins 3-2 at Dodger Stadium on Sunday. Dodgers came in really short handed having already lost Corey Seager Saturday and Chris Taylor being scratched from the lineup before the game.

One moment in the game caught a lot of Dodger players off guard though. After the final out, the former Los Angeles reliever Yimi Garcia tossed the ball over to the home team’s dugout. Couple players including Max Muncy questioned why he did that.

No, I didn’t see that. I wouldn’t know the reason why he would take the baseball and throw it towards our dugout. No, I don’t know. 

Another player who noticed from the dugout was Matt Beaty. Here is what he had to say about it:

Yeah, I’m not really sure what the intent was behind that. I didn’t see it, a couple of other guys saw it. I don’t really know too many details other than what I heard though. 

Photo: Getty Images

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