Yu Darvish Shares Message With Dodger Fans As He Returns To Dodger Stadium

Yu Darvish shares a message with the Dodger fans that will be coming to see Dodgers-Padres this weekend. Spoiler, he will not be offended if you boo him as he said in the Los Angeles Times.

Darvish was booed two years ago when he returned to Chavez Ravine with the Chicago Cubs. Of course, that was before it was revealed the Houston Astros were stealing signs throughout the 2017 season, including during the World Series in which Darvish was crushed in his Game 3 and 7 losses for the Dodgers. Here is what he said:

“I really don’t want anyone to feel guilty,” Darvish said in Japanese. “The fans really wanted the team to win and cheered hard every day. If something like that happens at the end, it's common sense they’d want to criticize the player, especially if he was acquired in a trade to help the team win.”
“I'm on the Padres now,” he said. “We're challengers to the Dodgers. So it's not as if I'm going to be hurt just because I'm booed. I also think booing is one of the things fans look forward to doing at the stadium. So please write that if they want to do it, I would like for them to not be overly considerate of my feelings and enjoy booing as loud as they can.”

Photo: Getty Images

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