Trevor Bauer Calls Out 'Bloggers' Reports Of MLB Collecting Baseballs

Los Angeles Dodgers v Oakland Athletics

Right before the ring ceremony for the Dodgers last week, a report indicated Trevor Bauer was under investigation by MLB for baseballs used during his start against the Oakland Athletics.

MLB informed all teams prior to Opening Day that they would be collecting baseballs from games and using Statcast data to analyze spin rates in effort to better determine if pitchers may be using to gain a competitive advantage.

Bauer called out the report on social media and Dodgers manager Dodgers manager Dave Roberts had his back with it. After Bauer’s performance in his home debut at Dodger Stadium, the conversation shifted to MLB’s reported investigation. Here is what Bauer said:

“Gossip bloggers writing stuff and having no clue about the actual rule or actually knowing the rule, but intentionally writing something without going and investigating,” Bauer began. “I don’t know what the hell that report was about. Basically, so I can explain to everybody what the actual rule is, MLB is just collecting baseballs to do a study.
“They’re not doing anything with them. No one is under investigation. These gossip bloggers just out here writing stuff to try to throw water on my name or whatever. I don’t know. Just personal vendettas, I guess.”

Photo: Getty Images

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