Fernando Valenzuela Speaks On Not Having His Number Retired As A Dodger

Los Angeles Dodgers

This weekend at Dodger Stadium was absolutely special & it all kicked off with the Los Angeles Dodgers getting the rings on Friday afternoon.

On Sunday however, the Dodgers introduced Fernando Valenzuela to the crowd after a pair of highlight videos played, two days after the 40th anniversary of his first major league start in 1981, the beginning of Fernandomania.

Valenzuela spoke with the media ahead of his celebration on Sunday. When asked about how he felt about the Dodgers not retiring his number 34.

“For me it would be nice, but for right now I don’t see anyone wearing that number,” Valenzuela said Saturday. “If anybody wants to wear it, it’s fine. If somebody is asking for that number, no problem. I know it’s going to happen sooner or later, but who knows?” I don’t know what the Dodgers are thinking, but I’d be happy if somebody was wearing that number."

Valenzuela’s impact on the Dodgers & the city of Los Angeles is more than immense, and he remains as an announcer for the team. He is one of the most beloved members in the organization’s history.

Photo: Getty Images

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