Dave Roberts Believes Trevor Bauer Has Been Singled Out By MLB

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer fired back at reports that MLB removed one of the baseballs used during Wednesday’s game against Oakland for inspection.

Bauer took to Twitter to shut down reports that he was targeted by the league’s new crackdown on illegal foreign substances, saying that Wednesday’s game isn’t an isolated happening. 

Dave Roberts before the home opener decided to back Trevor Bauer & say that he has been singled out by the MLB. Here is what he said:

Roberts: "My understanding is that umpires collect baseballs from all pitchers, and balls that were in play, to collect samples. I just hope that our player is not singled out. That’s the 1 thing I want to guard against."
Think Bauer has been singled out? "At this point, yeah."

Photo: Getty Images

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