Former Dodger Ross Stripling Discussed Astros Scandal With George Springer

The talk around Los Angeles and around the league in the 2019-20 offseason was the Astros sign stealing scandal.

George Springer was one of the guys that was on that Astros team but has since signed his huge deal with the Toronto Blue Jays. Former Dodger & current Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Ross Stripling came out and said he spoke with Springer about the scandal, and the two quickly talked things over and have moved forward.

The Astros have easily become one of the most controversial teams in arguably all of sports. With Springer making his way to Canada, it likely raised the eyebrows of several teammates. Not to mention, Stripling himself was on the team Houston faced in that 2017 World Series the Los Angeles Dodgers.

That’s why Stripling wanted to not only speak with Springer, but make sure they were on the same page and quickly squash any kind of potential issues. Good on Stripling and Springer to talk it out just a couple days away from Opening Day.

Photo: Getty Images

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