Dodgers Invite Fan Who Was A Victim Bullying To Meet Trevor Bauer

The Dodgers have a history of being one of the most classiest organizations not only in major league baseball. but in all of sports. They continue to be today with this incredible gesture.

A Twitter user by the name of Megan Aronson shared her story on Twitter a little while back than her son Kanon has been a victim of bullying during this tough pandemic we have all faced. Here is what she said on Twitter:

Today is my son's 11th birthday. He's had a REALLY hard year in this pandemic. We had to move 2X & he was bullied at both new schools. He's sweet & sensitive & doesn't understand why kids are so mean. Could you wish him happy birthday today? His name is Kanon! Pls RT! #kanonsbday

The Dodgers saw this and decided to invite Kanon and her mom Megan out to Spring Training to meet Trevor Bauer. Today, Kanon got to meet Trevor Bauer ahead of the Spring Training game and the Dodgers even got him a custom jersey to go along with that.

Dodgers are set to kick off this season this Thursday April 1st against the Colorado Rockies.

Photo: Getty Images

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